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Beatles Tribute
Jan. 6 
@ 8:00p
Tickets start at $20*


Raue Center For The Arts is proud to welcome American English back for another close glimpse into The Beatles’ vast history book.

American English returns with another GREAT twist on The Beatles: Double Fantasy Album Night! During the first of two sets, American English will perform the very first Beatles’ album released. Experience the raucous guitars, drums, bass and harmonica that create classics like “Love Me Do,” “Please Please Me,” “There’s A Place” and “Twist & Shout” as American English performs the UK version of “Please Please Me” in its entirety!

For their second set, American English will perform “Rubber Soul” in its entirety. Experience the magic of the album that marked a turning point for The Beatles in their skyrocketing careers, with unforgettable songs like “Nowhere Man,” “Girl,” “In My Life” and “Michelle.” This show featuring two groundbreaking albums is a one night only experience and is a must-see for fans of The Beatles old and new alike!

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*Additional fees apply. Prices vary depending on Zone.