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May 11 & 12 @ 8:00pIrishHouseRating
Tickets start at $20*


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Irish music and dance shows often conjure up images of flat caps, waist coats and comely maidens dancing at the cross-roads. The Irish House Party is a welcome antidote to these often cheesy portrayals of Irish music and culture. 

The show is hosted by All-Ireland champion musicians, dancers and entertaining presenters who create this unique Irish experience in its proper homely setting resulting in an exciting new theatre going experience. This fresh approach has made the show hugely popular with both Irish and international audiences with sell out shows in Dublin. The whole idea is creating an atmosphere where guests can be entertained and educated about the music. There is no distance between the performers and the guests. Just like a proper Irish house party.

The Irish House Party producers, Declan Quinn and Gerry Nolan, also perform, and Declan’s father plays the button key accordion in the show. Like many traditional musicians in Ireland they’ve been to numerous traditional house parties and felt it was time to bring this unique experience to the stage.

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