Legends of Rock: Raue Center Fundraiser » Events at Crystal Lake, IL Theater

Rock the Roof with LAVA Rock
Aug 10 
@ 7:30p
Tickets start at $10 ($15 at door)*


Legends of Rock is a high-energy rock show of greatest hits you know and love!

Legends of Rock wants YOU to be in their video! Join us on August 10 as we Rock the Raue with Lava Rock. This special Thursday night performance will be videotaped, so come out to the show looking your rockin’ best!  After many years of Rocking the Raue, it seems we have almost Rocked the Roof off! After many years of wear and tear, it is time for us to make some repairs to the roof and we need your support! All proceeds will go towards maintenance on the roof to keep Raue Center Rocking!

LAVA Rock, the band that brings you the biggest hits from the four greatest rock legends that dominated the ‘70s and ‘80s – (L)ED ZEPPELIN, (A)EROSMITH, (V)AN HALEN, and (A)C/DC – presents LEGENDS OF ROCK, a concert experience like no other featuring Kerry Devine impersonating the singers of these groundbreaking bands in FULL COSTUME: Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, David Lee Roth of Van Halen, and Brian Johnson of AC/DC. For one incredible night, the highly talented musicians of LAVA Rock perform a high-energy rock show of greatest hits you know and love. The enduring popularity of these acts among a huge fan base is indisputable with combined worldwide record sales of over 600 million albums and continued domination of terrestrial and satellite radio.

It’s a great night of entertainment! Relive the glory days of rock ‘n’ roll with LAVA Rock’s LEGENDS OF ROCK – for true rock fans this is a show not to be missed!

*additional fees may apply. Prices vary depending on the zone. Member Prices are not valid on fundraisers.